Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use?

We only use 4mm American made plates (highest quality) nickel or gold plated, Dual Plating available too (nickel in recessed area gold on raised area). Leather will be completed by a professional leather crafted with 5+ years experience leather crafting. All plates will be curved and mounted on the highest quality leather.

What makes your leather straps better than a replica belt strap?

Straps on the replica belts are vinyl with a foam and cardboard core to give it strength not real leather. These straps stiffen & over time they would break in and become softer, but at the cost of bubbling and warping in the strap.

Many people came up with ideas to make these straps softer such as wetting the core, working the strap, putting it in the dryer.

The deluxe and ultra straps claimed to be real leather. They are not. It is still the same core of foam and cardboard, only they put a cheap, garbage quality thin leather shell over top. This does little to improve flexibility, and is misleading to the customer.

The master series belts do not have the foam and cardboard core. Although they claim it is a leather strap, it is a hybrid of rubber and questionable leather. It is the best strap they have produced thus far, but is still nowhere near the quality of a real, hand tooled, solid leather strap.

We only use REAL LEATHER.

How much does it cost to ship?

Shipping to the United States
Tier 1 Belts: $35
Tier 2 Belts $45
Tier 2 belts are slightly more expensive as they are shipped from the UK

Shipping to the Rest of the World
Flat rate charge of $70